Massage Getaway

You deserve a relaxing escape…

Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage


You deserve a relaxing escape from daily stresses.

$85 for 1 hour

$120 for 1.5 hours

What is a Relaxation Massage?

A relaxation massage is oftentimes called Swedish or spa massage.  If this is your first time ever receiving a massage, I will explain how the massage will proceed and give you options in order to meet your level of comfort and relaxation.  You can even try a sampling of the various massage styles to see how you like them.  You can read the Massage Process for more in-depth information on how the massage takes place.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

If you are familiar with massage and need some therapeutic work, we can easily customize this massage to devote some targeted time for deep tissue (specific) work on muscles.  Various techniques will be used such as Swedish massage to warm the tissue, Thai massage or AIS (Active Isolated Stretching), myofascial release, deep tissue (specific muscle massage), trigger point therapy, etc…  If you let me know ahead of time what issues you are having, I can have photocopies of some stretches or exercises to strengthen the muscle(s) you are having issues with.

The other styles of massage are therapeutic as well but rather this choice of Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage gives the widest room for attention to a problematic issue.


“After experiencing massages in day spas and hotels, nothing compares to Susan’s ability to follow your stressed muscles into total relaxation and healing. The best massage I have ever experienced and a great person to know…” Allison Santos