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You deserve a relaxing escape…

Prenatal Massage


You deserve a relaxing escape from daily stresses.

$85 for 1 hour

What is a Pregnancy Massage like?

This massage is specifically for pregnant women in their second or third trimester.  The massage will help to relieve discomfort in back, hips and legs in addition to giving the mom-to-be a wonderful treat.

You’ll lay on your side supported by pillows under your head, arm and legs.


Susan, A heartfelt thank you for your help!  Your pre-natal massages were a God-send.  You helped to straighten out my body, distorted by the weight and water of a difficult pregnancy, and also gave a soon-to-be mom a much needed treat! Also, your efforts towards creating a truly relaxing environment and experience did not go unappreciated.  – Sharon S.