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Energy Work


You can schedule a session with just energy work or add energy work to the end of your massage session.

There are many types of energy work.  I’ve been trained in three different ones (Reiki, Quantum Touch and Reconnective Healing).  While they all have different techniques, the goal is the same…  to facilitate the person receiving to heal themselves.

My belief is this does work and I often say to cynics that if the “cure” does not harm, then why not try it if there is pain relief to be had?  Even if the “cure” is a placebo and in some way convinces the person’s powerful brain to cure the disease, then why does it matter if the trigger is “valid” or not.  I believe that many of the new energies that are thought to cure people cannot be measured with the scientific means we have today.  So let’s believe we can “cure” ourselves and help our bodies get back into balance and its natural condition (homeostatis).

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for directing healing energy.  Maybe you’ve heard of “ki” or “chi” like as in Tai Chi, Aikido, or chi in Feng Shui.  Universal energy is all around us.  When a person receives Reiki they’ll “receive” what is needed for their highest good, with the practitioner acting as a channel to draw loving universal life energy and direct it to them.

A session where you stay fully clothed.  Hands are either placed or hovered above the body at different areas and the hands are kept still so there is no tissue movement.  You may experience warm heat and feel relaxed.  The feeling of relaxation is often the minimum benefit.  The energy received can provide your body the ability to heal itself more efficiently whether the problem is physical or emotional pain,  disease, or just an overall wellness goal. Click here for information about how Reiki Really Works – A Groundbreaking Scientific Study

What is Quantum Touch?

This energy work treatment can be beneficial for pain relief, muscle tension, disease management and structural alignment..  You’ll stay fully clothed as my hands are placed on either side of various sections of your body.   I use breath work to elevate energetic vibrations.

What is Reconnective Healing?

Energy.  We are all made up of energy.  The human body is made up of atoms.  The human body strives for homeostasis – maintaining balance in blood pressure, balance in temperature, a healthy state.

At times we have things that affect our ability for healthy living.  Stress, emotions, difficulty sleeping and consequently healing, unhealthy eating, unhealthy breathing environments, etc…

It is believed that sickness occurs when we have a low operating frequency and many energy healing techniques work at increasing the vibrational frequency of the client.

To receive the energy, you close your eyes and lie on your back on a massage table.  During the session, you won’t be touched.  It is best to be in a state of expectancy, allow whatever is supposed to happen, don’t meditate or pray or attach to any specific outcome.  Be receptive and open to the experience, open to the exciting, positive process intended to give you exactly what you may need at this time.