Massage Getaway

You deserve a relaxing escape…

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage


You deserve a relaxing escape from daily stresses.

$200 for 2 hours
$250 for 2.5 hours
$350 for 2 hours Tandem Lomilomi with 2 therapists (4 hands) can be arranged

What is a Hawaiian Temple Lomilomi Massage?

Hawaiian Lomilomi massage is an ancient spiritual type of bodywork that facilitates the nurturing and healing of the body, mind and spirit.  There are different styles of Lomilomi based on the teachings from the different Kahunas on the different Hawaiian Islands.  Temple-style is from Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i from the island of Kauai.  I have learned Lomilomi from two different teachers from this lineage of temple-style, Tom Cochran, with whom I’ve taken four classes and ‘Iolani Grace Emmanuel, which whom I have taken two classes.  When I first saw a demonstration of style of massage, I fell it love with it and felt this was the way people need to be touched.

Temple-style Lomilomi incorporates smooth, broad strokes of forearms, providing long, continuous, soothing and flowing strokes from head to toe, from the left side of the body to the right side.  These movements make it difficult for your mind to track therefore enabling you to relax, zone out, and simply be open to receiving aloha spirit lMauiove.

Unique to Temple-style Lomilomi massage is its under body and full body strokes.  This provides a form of healing based upon bodywork with specific moves designed to touch the soul in such depth that you feel the stress melt away. Kimi-Maui

The benefits and the enjoyment of Lomilomi massage continue long after your session, making your experience one of lasting value.

Call me at 916-800-4292 if you have any questions and to book your appointment for a nurturing, intimate, sensual, yet non-sexual massage.  You’ll feel honored on the table in a safe environment receiving motherly love with healing energy.  I feel honored to be trusted enough by people to let me into their energetic space and to let me care for them.  With Lomilomi, there is even more trust and vulnerability offered by people that I truly cherish.


It felt like I was being lifted by ocean waves with hands going over and under me.  I slept better after the massage than I had in a long time.” Sara Johnston

The continuous motion of the Lomilomi massage melted away my stress.  The atmosphere you create is truly one of relaxation and peace.  Everyone should have the pleasure of this experience!” – Tom Kunkle

I just wanted to tell you that the Lomilomi massage I received was great. It was the best, most soothing, relaxing and wonderful massage I have ever experienced. I look forward to another session. It was nice to meet you. Have a good day.” Jeff P.

I have had over 500 massages in the past 8 years in 12 countries…and I have had lomilomi…  Overall, your massage was one of the best I’ve ever had….”  Dave L.

Training and Certifications include:

  • Hawaiian Lomilomi Certification at Maui, Hawaii with Kumu (teacher) Tom Cochran of teaching the style of Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i
  • Hawaiian Lomilomi Advanced Certification at Harbin Springs, California with Kumu (teacher) Tom Cochran
  • Hawaiian Lomilomi Teacher Assistant at Chicago, Illinois with Kumu (teacher) Tom Cochran
  • 2nd Hawaiian Lomilomi Advanced Certification at Harbin Springs, California with Kumu (teacher) Tom Cochran
  • Hawaiian Lomilomi Training at Maui, Hawaii with Kumu (teacher) ‘Iolani Grace Emmanuel of
  • Hawaiian Lomilomi Training at Santa Cruz, California with Kumu (teacher) ‘Iolani Grace Emmanuel of