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You deserve a relaxing escape…

Thai Massage


You deserve a relaxing escape from daily stresses.

$120 for 1.5 hours

What is a Thai Massage like?

Thai Massage involves stretching and pressure to various points along meridian lines that run up and down your body.

This is a session where you stay fully clothed and lay on a mat on the floor as is traditionally done in Thailand.  Using my body as leverage, I can move and stretch your body.  Similar to Chinese meridians, your bodies meridian points are pressed.

Clients note that after a Thai massage they experience greater range of motion in their limbs and feel energized.

There are different styles of Thai Massage.  I went to Thailand to become certified in Thai Massage right after massage school.  The style I practice is the northern style from the city of Chiang Mai.  The TMC School teaches thai with safety, politeness and effectiveness.


“I beat myself up pretty well in the name of health and fitness, so it takes Susan’s Thai massage to actually make me feel healthy and fit.” Clifton Truman Daniel

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