Massage Getaway

You deserve a relaxing escape…

Service Offerings

Your massage get away is fully customizable.
You can get a massage on just your back or just your scalp,
whatever you need with the Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage.

Call or Text me at 916-800-4292 with any questions.

Service Price
Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi Massage – Appointment includes discussion of your intention/goals for the session, answering any questions you may have, your preparation for the session, the Lomi Lomi massage and time afterwards to slowly integrate/clean-up/dress.  No jumping off the table and out the door as this gentle yet firm flowing massage can take you to another zone.  Limited draping allows for long massage strokes from the base of your feet up to your neck. More info… $200 for 2 hours

$250 for 2.5 hours

$350 for 2 hours Tandem Lomi Lomi with two therapists

Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage – Imagine lying on a soft, warm table, listening to relaxing music and feeling lotion (the consistency of melted chocolate) coat your skin while your stress is rubbed away.  This Swedish full body massage is customized to your particular needs. $85 for 1 hour

$120 for 1.5 hours

Indian Head Massage – Stay fully clothed and receive reflexology to your hands and feet and a massage to your neck, shoulders and head.   More info… $85 for 1 hour
Pregnancy Massage – Wonderful treat for you and baby.  You are supported on your side surrounded with pillows while your body receives its well-deserved pampering.  More info… $85 for 1 hour
Couples Training – Learn techniques to massage your partner help them with their problem areas between visits.  Provide them with on-the-spot relief.  You do not need a massage table for these techniques. $150 for 1.5 hours
Hot Stone Massage – Deep heat warms the body and enhances the relaxation effect of the massage to soothe even the most stubborn aches and tension. More info… $120 for 1.5 hours
Thai Massage – Stay fully clothed (loose fitting clothes recommended) and receive a massage with your body being stretched, kneaded and pressure applied to specific points. Sessions are performed on a mat on the floor. This massage can leave you looser and invigorated.  More info… $120 for 1.5 hours
Outcall massages in your home – I am licensed to provide massages to locations in incorporated Placer County and within the City of Lincoln.    I am also able to give massages to cities where massage permits are not issued in lieu of a California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) certification (i.e., Petaluma).

Please have adequate room for the massage table as well as area all around to move (11’x7′).    A quiet room without disruptions is needed.  If the weather is nice and the space is accomodating, you can have your massage outside!

If you have your own massage table or are receiving Thai massage (on the floor), or there is more than one person receiving massage, the Outcall fee is reduced by $10.

$10 + $2 a mile from Dell Webb Blvd & Spring Valley Parkway