Massage Getaway

You deserve a relaxing escape…


Ready for your Escape?    Time to Rejuvenate?
Overdue to treat yourself?     Need time to heal?

Massage –  ahhhh….  Just the word can elicit a relaxation response.

Feeling stressed?  Who isn’t with the pace kept today?  Stress can be a killer and massage can be an important part in a personal wellness program.

There are many benefits of getting a massage beyond how good it feels, how it lets you relax, and how it can let you escape.  It gives you time to take care of yourself and promotes a sense of well-being.

Massage isn’t just for relieving soreness, tension and stiffness.  It can help with reducing pain, keeping muscles flexible, improving range of motion, reducing scar tissue and more…

Beyond affecting just your muscles, 035
massage helps your body relax allowing easier functioning of all systems.

Did you know massage can lower blood pressure?

Massage can help boost your immune system!

Have trouble sleeping?  Massage can help you get a restful sleep.

It can reduce stress!!!

Slow digestion? When you are stressed, your body’s fight or flight response stops digestion activity.  Relax with a massage.

Make massage a key part of your personal wellness plan.

Types of Bodywork

There are massage styles for everyone whether you want to stay fully clothed with either a Thai massage traditionally done on a floor mat and includes lots of stretching or an Indian Head Massage to work on tight neck and face muscles.

Swedish massages is perfect for relaxation and an overall full body massage.  This is the best choice if there are some particular areas of issue such as sciatica, back tension, leg tightness, etc…  It is recommended for the whole body to be therapuetically massaged with extra time spent on the areas of concern.

Or try the ultimate and get a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.  It’s a unique massage style that is spiritual, healing, nurturing and loving with aloha spirit.  It involves full body strokes so there is minimal draping. The massage table becomes a kuahu (alter) where you are honored.  Escape to your Hawaiian Get Away.006

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